Canty Shanty

What is Canty Shanty?

I started collecting images from blogs I read when I bought my house. I was using them as inspiration for my home improvement projects. After 3 years I had more than 1500 images and I couldn't find anything in a useful way. I created Canty Shanty primarily for myself as a way to catalog and describe all the images over time.

Who owns these images?

I don't know who owns most of the images on this site. I make some effort to record where they came from and give a little link love to the sites that I got them from. If you are the owner of any of the images on Canty Shanty, feel free to contact me. I'll add a link to your site or take the image down if you would like.

Who are you?

I'm Tim Crowe, a rabble-rousing web developer, a lover of cooking, the Phillies and giant dogs. I live outside of Philadelphia. For more information about me visit my homepage